Tips for Choosing the Right and Safe Car Window Tint

As is well known, window tint is a component that functions to withstand the sun’s heat so that the driver remains comfortable during the trip. Sunlight will not be able to enter so that the rider will avoid the glare. The view can stay focused on the path.

Because the sun’s heat can be held back properly, the driver and passengers in it will not feel hot. Besides its main function, window tint can also properly protect the privacy of the rider. This is because the car interior cannot be seen from the outside freely. You should consider looking for reliable and quality window tint services like window tinting Elgin.

Tips for Choosing the Right Car Window Tint

You can feel all the functions that are given by window tint when you choose it right. Therefore, make sure you don’t miss some of the tips below.

Studying the Characteristics of Window Tint

One of the important tips for you to pay attention to in choosing a car window tint is its characteristics. Make sure you study the characteristics of window tint before actually buying it.

A good window tint will still look bright when seen by the driver and passengers in the car. The characteristics of this window tint are worth choosing. As is well known, nowadays there are many window tints that have a dim view. This window tint is of course dangerous because it can interfere with the driver’s view.


The next tip for choosing a car window tint is to consider the warranty. You need to know the warranty is proof that the window tint is of good quality.

Every window tint manufacturer who is sure of the quality of their products certainly wants to provide a guarantee. It is more reliable if the warranty is enforced in the long term. With a guarantee, you can avoid additional costs if the window tint is damaged, lost, or experiencing other unwanted things.

Best After Sales Service

After-sales service can also be considered to get the right window tint. In this case, make sure you choose a window tint that sells well.

The best after-sales service itself can include additional maintenance if the color changes, peels, or cracks. Besides that, good after-sales service certainly also takes care of delamination caused by the manufacturer, both during the application of the material and the installation.

Tips for Choosing Safe Car Window Tint

Apart from considering the selection of the right window tint, make sure you also pay attention to its safety. Here are tips for choosing a safe window tint in full.

UV protection 400

An important tip that you should pay attention to in choosing a car window tint is the UV protection feature 400. Tips for choosing a car window tint on this one should not be ignored, especially for those of you who are often stuck in traffic.

With the UV 400 protection feature, you can be protected from the scorching heat of the sun. UV 400 is able to protect the skin from sun exposure that burns the skin. At least 99% of the sun’s rays can be withheld with the UV 400 feature. By choosing a window tint equipped with UV 400, then you are maintaining the health and beauty of your skin.

Night Vision

Tips for choosing car window tints that are no less important to consider are the night vision feature. This is because this feature is able to increase the comfort of the driver and passenger while traveling.

With the night vision feature, people outside the car cannot see inside. Meanwhile, the person in the car could see the outside clearly. The night vision feature makes the window tint function more optimal. Also, note that the quality of window tint can also be considered from this feature.

Anti-Blue Light

Without the anti-blue light feature, the driver will feel easily tired and sleepy so that he will lose concentration in running the car. Of course, this is very dangerous, especially when driving long distances. If not immediately equipped with anti-blue light, the driver and passengers can also get headaches. Therefore, it is important for you to choose a premium window tint that is usually equipped with anti-blue light features. With this feature, the light from outside can be reduced optimally. The risk of damage to the retina in the eye can be minimized as much as possible.