How to Choose Car Window Tint

Not a few people are deceived into buying car window tints because they are tempted by cheap prices. At present, there are also many fake window tint products that are made in such a way that they are very similar to the shape of the original window tint.

And usually, the falsehood can only be revealed after the user for a certain period of time. Below are some tips that can be used in choosing the best car window tint like window tinting Chattanooga.

Tips for Choosing Original Car Window Tint

You have to understand what your requirements are from an auto window tint. Whether for privacy, safety, heat repellent, or something else. Compare or study the specifications of each product and its price, then adjust it to your needs. See also other supporting factors, such as the existence of a dealer, and others.

Which should be able to provide convenience and comfort for you if you use a car window tint product. And after that, you must have an idea of ​​which product suits your needs and desires.

There are three types of window tint according to needs, namely:

  • Decorative Tint.
  • Safety/Security Tint.
  • Heat Resistant Window Tint (Solar Control Tint).

Some of the benefits of window tint are:

  1. Benefits of Window Tint in terms of safety;
    – Significantly increases the strength of the glass.
    – Inhibit criminals from entering the car cabin/room in the car.
    – Resists UV rays from sunlight which is detrimental to skin health.
    – Shards broken glass if it breaks so that it cannot injure people in the cabin or room in the car.
  2. Benefits of Window Tint in terms of aesthetics:
    – Resist the sun’s heat without the need to take cover behind conventional curtains.
    – Make the appearance more elegant, because it is adjusted to the color of your car or house.
    – It’s soothing to the eye when outdoors or in the car’s cabin, but also less hassle at night.
    – Limiting vision from outside the room or car cabin, so that your privacy can be maintained.
  3. Benefits of Window Tint from a futuristic perspective
    – Window tint is the result of processed technology which is increasingly having a good ability to reject heat with more durable performance. Only with a sheet of window tint, it can resist heat exposure from sunlight entering the room, thus making you more comfortable to do any activity or rest, because you cannot be exposed to hot sun rays and can maintain your privacy, of course.

The Right Way to Choose Original Window Tint


The price offered by the seller to you is in accordance with the quality of the window tint offered. Try not to rush yourself with the temptation to offer a price that is cheaper than the usual price. If the seller offers the window tint at a lower price, it is likely that the product being offered is a counterfeit product.

Window Tint Printing or Logo

Prints on window tint cannot be a guarantee of authenticity, therefore you need to avoid untidy logo prints, such as starting from too thick or overflowing ink. You need to know that window tint rolled with ink or a logo that is too thick can make the window film wavy, resulting in at night, the light it receives broken. So that it can get in the way of your view. So, you have to make sure you get window tint with prints as neat and thin as possible.

Use Spotlights

A powerful way to check the quality of the window tint you are going to buy is by attaching the glass that has been coated with a film to a spotlight with a power of approximately 600 watts, and then let it sit for 3 minutes. If the quality of the window tint is poor, the film will break. Maybe this method can be said to be a little complicated, but what’s wrong with trying.


Original window tint does have a thin shape, even though the glass is thin, it is also stiff. Unlike fake window tints, fake window tints have the quality of thin and flexible glass.


Color is not a determinant of product quality or authenticity, as the glass can change color when it is used for 2-3 months.

Use a Thermometer Tool

The thermometer can be used to check the quality of the window tint, the way is to put the thermometer, then see, if the temperature is very high, then the quality of the window tint is questionable.

Guarantee card

Make sure you get a warranty card to guarantee the authenticity and quality of the product, we recommend that you install window tint at an authorized dealer.