Some Types of Glass for the Home You Need to Know

Using lots of glass or windows is one trick to make a home more comfortable and elegant. In addition, the number of windows in the house can also facilitate air circulation and increase the light entering the house so it feels fresher.

Well, here are the types of glass that are usually used for windows or bulkheads in the house.

Tinted Glass

Like the glasses, this glass is coated with a color that comes from a metal alloy. Tinted glass is available in several colors, from blue, gray, and even black. The color function of this tinted glass is to prevent people outside from seeing into the house and also reduce the sun’s heat by up to 55%. For good and satisfying results, you can hire window tinting Bonita Springs services.

Tempered Glass

Maybe the term tempered glass is no longer foreign to you because this type of glass is usually used as a cellphone screen protector. Indeed, this type of glass has a very strong resistance. Tempered glass can withstand heat up to 300 degrees Celsius and is 3 to 5 stronger than ordinary glass types. Generally, this type of glass is used as windows and doors.

Iced Glass

There is also a glass called iced glass. This glass has a texture that adds to the aesthetic impression and functions so that shadows can’t be seen clearly. The glass texture is produced by printing with a certain roll so that it looks beautiful. Iced glass is usually used for kitchen sets, bathroom bulkheads, partitions, and many others.


In addition, there are also mirrors that are commonly used. Mirror glass is used to reduce translucency from the outside so this glass is also often referred to as one-way glass. Mirror glass is made with a layer of metal oxide by pyrolysis. This glass is very suitable for window glass in your home.

Those are the types of glass commonly used at home. Now, after determining which glass is suitable for your home, don’t forget to learn how to install house windows. Even though it looks insignificant, by understanding how you can replace your own house windows without depending on other people when something happens to your house window.

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Good and Correct Car Window Film

Window film is one of the most important accessories today. The use of window film has several main reasons, namely to reject the sun’s heat and also to maintain privacy for drivers and passengers in it. Apart from that, there are other factors in the use of window film, including improving the aesthetics of the vehicle, maintaining safety in the event of an incident, and also saving fuel.

Currently, there are many brands and types of window film on the market, both premium, and cheap, scratch-resistant glass film classes. Therefore, we must be careful in choosing a brand and type of window film for your car. You can go to the window tinting Buffalo to get the best window film and window tinting service.

In choosing a car window film there are several things to consider, lest we choose the wrong choice or buy a window film that does not suit your needs. The considerations are as follows:

1. The Need for Window Film

Before you come to a window film dealer/shop, it’s a good idea to find out our basic needs in choosing a window film. Choose window film as needed.

Pay attention to what percentage of heat rejection on the window film that will be used. pay attention to the IRR (infrared rejection) on the specifications of the window film, the number seen gives the heat repulsion value, the higher the better.

Also, pay attention to the percentage of dark film that will be used. Pay attention to VLT (visible light), the higher the percentage, the brighter it will be, and vice versa, if the number is smaller, the darker the view from outside to inside, this also affects the view from the inside out.

Apart from these two things, surely, we also want to find the color we want. On the market, there are many color variations offered, including silver film, black film, gold window film, blue film, and so on. Until now, the most dominant is black window film and silver window film. Choose the color of the window film as you wish.

2. Glass Film Clarity/Visibility

clarity is one of the most important pliers in choosing window film. Many in the market, there are many window films that offer high glass film specifications but are not concerned with clarity. In fact, clarity is very important in driving both during the day and at night. Choose window film that not only has high glass film specifications but also has good clarity. Of course, we don’t want to have bad things when driving right? The clarity of the window film is prioritized, especially for the use of front window films.

3. Window Film Warranty

Anyone would not want damage to the window film after installing the window film. So we also have to pay attention to how the warranty system is and how long the guarantee is valid. Because in today’s market, many brands that offer window film are not guaranteed with a product, this is something … Read More..

Types of Car Window Films and Their Functions

After you choose and determine what dream used car is your favorite vehicle. There is nothing wrong with changing car window films to the best window tinting service, window tinting Reno because replacing the window film can make the car look even cooler.

Install car window film, you must know the type and function. There are many choices of brands and types of window film on the market. It is not difficult to know what types of window film and their functions.

Three Main Functions

There are three main functions of installing car window films. These three aspects include safety, functionality, and aesthetics. The following are several types of window films according to their use so that you are not mistaken.

Safety/Security Film

Generally used as a security that guarantees privacy. This type of window film has a dark level of up to 90%. However, even though it is alleged to provide high security and comfort, this 90% window film needs permission from the authorities.

Usually, cars that use 90% window film are vehicles of certain agencies, officials, or companies that already have special permits. This regulation regarding the level of darkness is intended to prevent misuse by private vehicles. The reason is, with this car window film, people outside the car will find it difficult to see inside, so they don’t know what’s inside.

In terms of security, security window film can also help keep the broken glass from scattering when there is an impact. Especially for the windshield, you should choose a dark intensity that is not more than 40%. This is because the driver’s visibility can still be maintained in dark conditions or at night.

Artistic Window Film (Decorative Film)

As the name implies, this car window film is used to decorate the glass. Usually, this type of window film has a motif or pattern so that it enhances your appearance. With this window film, the car will look cool and unique. The use of this type of window film will be more attractive if it matches the color of your car.

But, the installation of this car window film cannot be arbitrary. In addition to the case of installation, recommendations for motifs and placement are better assisted by expert hands. One-on-one, even your car looks tacky.

Solar Control Film

Heat repellent car window film or solar control film is a type of window film that is often used in general. The technology used can absorb heat and reflect ultraviolet (UV) rays so that the temperature in the cabin remains cool.

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Methods to Save Money When Tinting Car Windows

Besides UV protection and also lower energy bills, one thing that people tenants alike seek using their window films is a sense privacy. The window films can provide a sleek and privacy replacement for bulky blinds and also clumsy curtains.

There are various varieties of home window tint available at window tinting Durham. Most of these products operate in the same basic way. They work much like the shade that the tree may offer. Though you are still able to see out of your windows, and you may still enter and exit them, the tinting in the windows creates enough shade to keep your home cooler. During the winter time, the identical is true. These products work to block out much more of loss in energy leaving your house.

Most of the press and glory travels to the generation side. New and alternative ways to build energy are great making for the great story. It’s exciting to take into consideration the number of choices inherent in cold fusion, clean solar powered energy and oil based on algae, but as exciting because they choices, most of healthy immediate results can be purchased for the conservation side.

Usually people have a tendency to frost the windows inside their bathrooms, particularly if the windows are set have less the wall. But frosted glass can increase privacy in any room without inhibiting the volume of light. This can include any windows which can be set low enough to allow for you to definitely crawl in. Usually these windows are normally found within the basement, kitchen and first floor bedrooms. Frosted windows soften the sunlight which significantly eliminates glare also. This makes them well suited for a gardening shop or nursery in order to avoid sun glare inside your child’s eyes. You can utilize the utilization of this procedure in lots of ways. For example, it is possible to put these in position on all the windows in your home to effectively lessen your costs through the space. Some make use of them only about the windows facing the particular places that sunshine will penetrate, creating the rise in temperature.

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Tips for Choosing the Right and Safe Car Window Tint

As is well known, window tint is a component that functions to withstand the sun’s heat so that the driver remains comfortable during the trip. Sunlight will not be able to enter so that the rider will avoid the glare. The view can stay focused on the path.

Because the sun’s heat can be held back properly, the driver and passengers in it will not feel hot. Besides its main function, window tint can also properly protect the privacy of the rider. This is because the car interior cannot be seen from the outside freely. You should consider looking for reliable and quality window tint services like window tinting Elgin.

Tips for Choosing the Right Car Window Tint

You can feel all the functions that are given by window tint when you choose it right. Therefore, make sure you don’t miss some of the tips below.

Studying the Characteristics of Window Tint

One of the important tips for you to pay attention to in choosing a car window tint is its characteristics. Make sure you study the characteristics of window tint before actually buying it.

A good window tint will still look bright when seen by the driver and passengers in the car. The characteristics of this window tint are worth choosing. As is well known, nowadays there are many window tints that have a dim view. This window tint is of course dangerous because it can interfere with the driver’s view.


The next tip for choosing a car window tint is to consider the warranty. You need to know the warranty is proof that the window tint is of good quality.

Every window tint manufacturer who is sure of the quality of their products certainly wants to provide a guarantee. It is more reliable if the warranty is enforced in the long term. With a guarantee, you can avoid additional costs if the window tint is damaged, lost, or experiencing other unwanted things.

Best After Sales Service

After-sales service can also be considered to get the right window tint. In this case, make sure you choose a window tint that sells well.

The best after-sales service itself can include additional maintenance if the color changes, peels, or cracks. Besides that, good after-sales service certainly also takes care of delamination caused by the manufacturer, both during the application of the material and the installation.

Tips for Choosing Safe Car Window Tint

Apart from considering the selection of the right window tint, make sure you also pay attention to its safety. Here are tips for choosing a safe window tint in full.

UV protection 400

An important tip that you should pay attention to in choosing a car window tint is the UV protection feature 400. Tips for choosing a car window tint on this one should not be ignored, especially for those of you who are often stuck in traffic.

With the UV 400 protection feature, you can be protected from the scorching heat of the sun. UV … Read More..