Good and Correct Car Window Film

Window film is one of the most important accessories today. The use of window film has several main reasons, namely to reject the sun’s heat and also to maintain privacy for drivers and passengers in it. Apart from that, there are other factors in the use of window film, including improving the aesthetics of the vehicle, maintaining safety in the event of an incident, and also saving fuel.

Currently, there are many brands and types of window film on the market, both premium, and cheap, scratch-resistant glass film classes. Therefore, we must be careful in choosing a brand and type of window film for your car. You can go to the window tinting Buffalo to get the best window film and window tinting service.

In choosing a car window film there are several things to consider, lest we choose the wrong choice or buy a window film that does not suit your needs. The considerations are as follows:

1. The Need for Window Film

Before you come to a window film dealer/shop, it’s a good idea to find out our basic needs in choosing a window film. Choose window film as needed.

Pay attention to what percentage of heat rejection on the window film that will be used. pay attention to the IRR (infrared rejection) on the specifications of the window film, the number seen gives the heat repulsion value, the higher the better.

Also, pay attention to the percentage of dark film that will be used. Pay attention to VLT (visible light), the higher the percentage, the brighter it will be, and vice versa, if the number is smaller, the darker the view from outside to inside, this also affects the view from the inside out.

Apart from these two things, surely, we also want to find the color we want. On the market, there are many color variations offered, including silver film, black film, gold window film, blue film, and so on. Until now, the most dominant is black window film and silver window film. Choose the color of the window film as you wish.

2. Glass Film Clarity/Visibility

clarity is one of the most important pliers in choosing window film. Many in the market, there are many window films that offer high glass film specifications but are not concerned with clarity. In fact, clarity is very important in driving both during the day and at night. Choose window film that not only has high glass film specifications but also has good clarity. Of course, we don’t want to have bad things when driving right? The clarity of the window film is prioritized, especially for the use of front window films.

3. Window Film Warranty

Anyone would not want damage to the window film after installing the window film. So we also have to pay attention to how the warranty system is and how long the guarantee is valid. Because in today’s market, many brands that offer window film are not guaranteed with a product, this is something we should pay attention to.

4. Clear Window Film Manufacturers and Distributors

Find out the factory for making window film, whether the window film to be installed has a quality factory and is competent in making quality window film. There are some window films on the market that do not have the clarity of the window films and there is a possibility that they do not have international quality window films. However, there are also many window films with a clear and high-quality factory.

5. Authorized Window Film Dealer/Store

Buy your car window film at an authorized dealer/shop. Because the official warranty system will not apply if you buy and install window film at an unofficial dealer/shop. It’s a good idea to contact a central window film distributor to find out an authorized glass film dealer.

6. Glass Film Base Material

There are several window film materials in circulation. You must consider it carefully. Because each other has advantages and disadvantages of each. Adjust it to your needs.

7. Price of Window Film

Also, pay attention to the best price for you. It is advisable not to choose window film at a very cheap price, because it will be proportional to the quality, choose window film at a reasonable price. But you also have to remember not to choose window film on the grounds of a big brand, because the brand does not necessarily guarantee quality.