Some Types of Glass for the Home You Need to Know

Using lots of glass or windows is one trick to make a home more comfortable and elegant. In addition, the number of windows in the house can also facilitate air circulation and increase the light entering the house so it feels fresher.

Well, here are the types of glass that are usually used for windows or bulkheads in the house.

Tinted Glass

Like the glasses, this glass is coated with a color that comes from a metal alloy. Tinted glass is available in several colors, from blue, gray, and even black. The color function of this tinted glass is to prevent people outside from seeing into the house and also reduce the sun’s heat by up to 55%. For good and satisfying results, you can hire window tinting Bonita Springs services.

Tempered Glass

Maybe the term tempered glass is no longer foreign to you because this type of glass is usually used as a cellphone screen protector. Indeed, this type of glass has a very strong resistance. Tempered glass can withstand heat up to 300 degrees Celsius and is 3 to 5 stronger than ordinary glass types. Generally, this type of glass is used as windows and doors.

Iced Glass

There is also a glass called iced glass. This glass has a texture that adds to the aesthetic impression and functions so that shadows can’t be seen clearly. The glass texture is produced by printing with a certain roll so that it looks beautiful. Iced glass is usually used for kitchen sets, bathroom bulkheads, partitions, and many others.


In addition, there are also mirrors that are commonly used. Mirror glass is used to reduce translucency from the outside so this glass is also often referred to as one-way glass. Mirror glass is made with a layer of metal oxide by pyrolysis. This glass is very suitable for window glass in your home.

Those are the types of glass commonly used at home. Now, after determining which glass is suitable for your home, don’t forget to learn how to install house windows. Even though it looks insignificant, by understanding how you can replace your own house windows without depending on other people when something happens to your house window.